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Apr 14, 2014 at 8:25 PM
There have been several changes to this version which include changes to the DemoControls project, new Library controls. Many of the other smaller updates that didn't get listed were due to mostly the jQuery writer utility being changed and optimized. Still need to write in a quick caching system so that the jQuery writer isn't parsing all the time to help enhance performance.

DemoControls Project
Change the base functionality to now instead of show all the controls on one page to just display a menu on the left that you can then click the link to show the control your interested in using. Also added some simple and fake data routines that will fill the controls that need them with test data.

Library Controls
Add the new GridView and ListView controls. ListView is getting more complete and will be adding in documentation on this control so it makes it easier to use. GridView is just a proof of concept control and can draw a simple table by adding the interface IDataGrid to any object you want to be shown on the grid. Or you can use the demo CDataGrid object to fill with data that will then display in a table.