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Zax-Controls is a set of custom server controls that is designed to use the jQueryUI library of tools and make developing web application faster and easier.

Installation Instructions
Setup Instructions

Base Features

All tags have these base features but may extend them so review the controls page to see if there are any changes.


  • Label Define the label for the control. By default this will display to the left of the control but may change based on the controls design needs.
  • CssClass Define a custom CSS class for the tag which is usually rendered in the content process of the control.
  • Help Provide a popup box that explains the controls data element.
  • HelpSrc Image to use when drawing the help icon instead of using the jQuery button feature.
  • HelpType Defines if the following type of help box:
    • Modal Display the help and block page input while the box is displayed.
    • Non-Modal (Default) Display the help box but allow the page to still be active.
  • HelpPosition Define where to display the help icon. By default this display to the right of the base control but can be changed to the needs of the page designer.
  • Text This is the string variable that stores any data that is retrieved or needs to be set in the control.
  • Required Defines if the control is a required field and provide basic data checking on Postback.
  • RequiredType Future feature that hasn't been implemented yet.
  • RequiredClass Class to be used when drawing the required * on control.
  • RequiredPosition Where to display the required * on control. By default this is displayed before the label.


  • OnChange event that process the postback event when there is a change.


Controls to be Added

  • ColorPicker
  • PanelTab
  • Menu
  • ProgressBar

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