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Installation and Basic Usage

Download the recommended release for this package and extract it to a folder. Note where you place the library because you will need to reference this location in the following steps.

General Usage

To use these controls please make sure to download the jQuery UI tools and jQuery library. Typically this can be included in a master page so that you don't have to re-link the JavaScript library of tools. Make sure to set the path and file names in the ScriptManager so the Zax-Controls will be able to use the jQuery library.

Visual Studio 2010

To add this package to your project right click on your project and click "Add Reference". Next click the Browse tab and navigate to where you uncompressed the library files. Once this has been added you can then add a reference to the ASPX page to the library as follows:

<%@ Register Assembly="ZaxControls" Namespace="ZaxLib.Web.UI.WebControls" TagPrefix="zax" %>

Visual Studio 2012

To add this package in a Visual Studio 2012 project right click on the References Folder and click "Add Reference...". In the left column click the Browse then in the lower right corner of this window click browse. Now navigate to where you extracted the library to from the zip file and select it. Click "OK" and then it will be linked to your project.

Example Code

<zax:TextBox ID="txtName" Label="Name" 
	Help="Enter full name of person" 
	HelpSrc="images/info.png" runat="server" />

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