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List View

Create a simple list of items that users can sort, select, or just view based on the needs of this control. By default this control will draw the Label and help icon above the list.

Extended Features

  • AllowSort True/False Allows the user to drag the order of the list.
  • SortClass Base classed used for the sorting list. Defaults to "sortable".
  • AllowSelect True/False Allows the user to click on list items to highlight them as selected.
  • SelectClass Class to use for items being selected.
  • ListType Defines the type of list to render for the customer.
    • Draggable
    • Drop Down List
    • Multiple Select List
    • Numbered List
    • Order List
    • Select List
    • Radio Selection
    • Un-Ordered List
    • YesNo Question
  • ListItems A comma separated value of the items you want to create the list from.

Example Code

C# Code Example
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
	lstView.AllowSort = true;
ASPX Code Example
<zax:ListView ID="lstView" Label="My List" Help="Drag items up or down to sort the list how you like." ListType="Ordered" AllowSort="true" ListItems="Red,Green,Blue" runat="Server" />

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