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OnChange Event

The on change event feature was added because many times it is nice to quickly perform a post back after a user has selected a radio or change a text box. This event allows you to connect your own code to parse data when it has changed.

Code Examples

Here is an example of how to handle a radio box being selected and drawing the value to the page:

C# Code
protected void OnColorChange(Object sender, EventArgs e)
	lblColor2.Text = lvColor2.Text;
	lblColor2.Visible = true;

<asp:Label ID="lblColor2" runat="server" Visible="false" />
<zax:ListView ID="lvColor2" AutoSort="true" ListType="Radio" OnChange="OnColorChange" 
	Label="Background Color"
	help="Select the color to see the event that happens"
	ListItems="White, Black, Green, Grey, Blue, Turquiose"
	runat="server" />

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