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Text Box

The text box is one of the most common controls on a web page that can be used for many different features from a login page to entering filling out a request for information form.

Extended Features

  • Auto Completion - Adding auto completion to a form can be one way to help save time for your users. Content searches to just about anything can use this feature to help speed up data entry. For example having a state or province box auto complete from a list can speed up user entry.
  • AutoList - Allows the designer to populate from a comma separated list of values. Alternatively with a code behind page you can populate this list from the exposed variable AutoComplete.

Example Code

C# Code Example
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

ASPX Code Example
<zax:TextBox ID="txtColor" Label="Color" Help="Enter your favorite color." AutoItems="Blue,Green,Purple,Red,Yellow,Brown,Grey" runat="server" Name="color" />

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